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The following series of photo can be considered as my first "production". Photos were taken in day 2 after i bought my first DSLR camera, so dont expect much. Enjoy the green behind my Taman!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

紫竹林观音菩萨灵洞 (Kodiang, Kedah)

Note: Old forum thread from my forum at

(Original Post: 29/01/2012, photo taken with Nokia C6)
Visited this temple in the cave last week with my friend. Not very hard to get there, just drive along from the Padang Serai and proceed to Kodiang, a small town in between Arau, Perlis and Padang Serai, Kedah. When you at traffic light junction, turn left and keep driving, keep looking at your left hand side, after few minutes you will see a yellow board indicated the name of this temple.


As you can see many statues emboss from the wall, the main god is Guan Yin and you can see other god as well such as tortoise god, 黑白无常 and etc. Here you can find datok keramat as well, according to the people there, this datok is very powerful. The Guan Yin here specialized in giving children to couple, in return you must let your children to be her children in law if she granted your wish. The energy here very powerful, the air is chill as inside the cave and you can find the moment of tranquility in this place.  


Note: Old forum thread from my forum at
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顺福鱼 (Ikan Ubi)


我说要到他的家去看看,他叫我明天早上去,我说就现在吧,如果方便的话,他也答应了。我对他没有杀伤力,不捕鱼也不养鱼,不会是他的竞争对手。他说人家会嫉妒他在家里养鱼,也怕小偷进屋偷鱼,我百思不得其解,如果是金龙鱼,或许会,这黑蠕蠕的顺福,虽然说也不便宜,但还不置于会招来那么多的风浪吧,人心,真的很可怕。所以,在他家篱笆内的养鱼箱,是上锁的!这就是他养的顺福鱼,从小鱼养到现在,他说再等一年就可以卖了,其实我很佩服他赚钱的勇气,花了那么多的劳力与心思,养了这么多年的鱼就这样的卖给海鲜店成为桌上佳肴,我没这心思,也不忍心。如果在海鲜店得知此鱼的过程是如此的复杂,我不会要吃。我在海鲜店从来不点还活着的海产,现在也不会去尝试顺福这种鱼到底有多美味,因为它的来源我大概掌握得一清二楚了,我不忍心吃他主人的 “心血”,也不可以吃不净肉,所以至今还没吃过“顺福”鱼,可以说无缘吧,呵呵。

他们叫这鱼做 “顺福”,马来语叫 Ikan Ubi。据说马来人不会要这种鱼的,因为很丑,华人却当作宝,因为肉很滑,没有土味。在海鲜店吃一斤要80块!

* 虽然钓鱼是健康活动,但奉劝大家尽量不要杀生,善哉 :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kedah temples tour guide for hardcore temple kaki

First of all please excuse my english im not a good writer in english and i type very fast never done the checking before posting. The purpose i created this thread is to share some temple resources in kedah area here to benefits those who are hardcore temple kaki who wanna visit many temples in a 1 maybe 2 day trip. The second reason is i would like to offer this tour as exchange to tour around Kelantan temples, if you are interest with my offer please either pm or email me at [email protected], nevertheless, i hope you find this thread to be useful, i'll be happy too if you are able to utilize my info to browse through temples in kedah here.

Alor Setar

Wat Nikhodharam (Wat Telok Wanjah)
Alor Setar, located in the middle of nowhere, no attractive tourism spot and its only a pass through for those who wanna depart to Langkawi. Assuming your first destination is Alor Setar, you can visit 2 temples in Alor Setar here start with Wat Nikrodharam that located right in the middle of the city, just beside the round-about. This temple is beautiful worth to take a look, the founder of this temple was a blind monk. According to my father who is a regular temple kaki to Wat Nikrodharam when he was young, the abbot who named Portan Hwak was a very nice and friendly abbot, but sadly he was a blind person, he was totally zero sight view cannot see anything at all but the temple was built under his command, amazing. My father said the time when he was young he always go there with friends to chat with Portan Hwak, they all like this friendly monk very much. Now the young abbot is from Padang Pusing, Pendang.

This temple is my playground when i was a kid, because my old house very near to that temple can reach there in walking distance. There was a small hut inside the area temple which provide amulet plastic service, the person who work there name "Black Face" because his face got a big spot of black birthmark. Because of this special "trademark" people call him "Or Bin (black face)", he looks fierce and people said he is not honest because he can swap your amulet with fake one if he find your amulet is valued to him. When i was kid i always like to watch him work on amulet plastic casing, sometimes he will talk to you when he in good mood sometimes he will ask you to go away, anyway he passed away long time ago, good or bad person he was or just a rumour, just let him rest in peace.

The abbot is always there, there is amulet counter there can rent the amulet from other temples. Some amulets are quite old already, i mean i saw them when i was a kid until now i still saw them displayed there, label with quite a cheap price, can try if you are interest. But i dont know weather they are genuine or not because im not expert in authenticating amulet. Can let the abbot to spread holy water, walk around and pay homage to many statues there.

Wat Nikhodharam
Address: Telok Wanjah, Jalan Stadium, 05100 Alor Setar, Kedah
Telephone: 04-7318813
Facebook: ... jah/118051171540462

Wat Samosornrajanukpradit (Wat Kampong Pisang / Bakar Bata)
This is another temple in Alor Setar here, situated beside the river, people here call it "Lao Siam Wat (Old Thai Temple)" I dont know whats the name of the abbot there, but it is the same abbot when i was a kid till now. The abbot can speak hokkien, no amulet counter there and you can ask for spread holy water and also floral bath but you must bring your own flowers and cloth to change.

Nothing much to tell about this temple, just to share some of my child time story. When i was small i always like to bicycle to that temple and ask amulet from the abbot, lol, you know, poor kid, no money to buy amulet yet want to have some, so always go there to bug the abbot there, not really always maybe just 2-3 times. Sometimes he gave me but there was one time dont know why he get very pissed already, when i ask the amulet from him again, he just yell at me and ask me to go away like im a damn beggar. I was shock at that time, but i didnt blame at him, i know my appearance looked suck at that time, went there with a bad bikecycle, dirty old cloth with slipper, anyone would thought that im those street kid, but i remember i talk and ask politely, im pretty sure not my behaviour that piss him off. Anyway my return to this temple was year 2006 after 10 years of studying and working in other place, when i came back to hometown things arent go really smooth, so i went to that temple again, this time with car, just normal car not fancy car, and not with empty pocket like i used to be last time when i was kid, but i still ask the amulet from him i want to see if he wants to yell at me and ask me to go away again, fortunately this time he didnt do that, after he heard my story, he go inside his room and gave me LP Thuad amulet that i still wear daily until now. He said the amulet was 10 years already at that time, from some temple name Wat Sepanyo (spelling) in Thailand, ask me to keep it and it will help me. My life started to get smooth after wearing this LP Thuad amulet, i appreciated it very much even until today. There were few monks including Archan Tia used to saw this LP Thuad amulet and they all this it is a good piece. So moral of the story, money cant buy good amulet but fate will, and forget and forgive, you will get something better, last but not least, must thick face to redo what is not finished in satisfactory, lolz.

Wat Samosornrajanukpradit
Chief Abbot: Ven. Phra Phuan Kamphukwanno
Address: 100D, Lrg. Wat Siam, Bakar Bata, 05100 Alor Star, Kedah
Telephone: 04-7349086

Those are 2 temples in Alor Setar area here, if you like fortune reading you can try to visit a woman fortune reader here, she learned the skill from his mother in Cambodia, their master is in Cambodia. She is a married woman with 3 kids, her fortune reading using poker card, very accurate, just RM5 only. She lives in a taman, outside of her house is a small altar that worship Cambodia deva known as " Po Art", you will see table infront always fulled with guinness black beer, and sometimes a very huge pig head too, it tells how powerful and effective the " Po Art" is on fulfilling his devotee wishes. She can draw custom yant with our bithday info on it, but we must ask permission from that " Po Art", meaning we have to puak puai infront of " Po Art", and you only have 3 chances, if all 3 chances also cant get a puai, then she will not create that yant for you. The cost to create that yant is RM50, must let her do 1 day before we can take it, according to her, all money goes to the development of " Po Art" temple in Cambodia. I used to have that yant made by her, but after a year i didnt "renew" it, must renew yearly and renewal fee is of course another RM50. I got her contact anyone who are interest can ask from me (no affiliate with her just sharing).

Kuala Nerang

Wat Thai Pradit Tharam (Archan Nong)
When you are done with 2 temples in Alor Setar, its time for you to travel up. Exit from the Wat Samosornrajanukpradit and back to main road (Jalan Stadium), just drive straight and start to drive toward Pokok Sena, all the way straight damn funny to believe, you will pass through countless of traffic light but if you believe me, just follow the way and keep going, and after about 52KM from Alor Setar, you will enter Padang Sanai, here lay one famous temple which i just discovered recently from a member from, Wat Thai Pradit Tharam aka Wat Gajah. I have another thread opened for this temple, read it here.

On exit of the door of Wat Thai Pradit Tharam, turnleft and drive back to where you came from, you will return to a small town known as "Kuala Nerang", at there turn left in when you see a big signboard on your left that wrote "Jeniang / Sik", turn left and keep going, this is another test of your determination and faith   just follow the way, all the way straight, you will pass through 2 small round-about, exit at the 12 o'clock from that 2 round about to keep driving straight.


Wat Thepchumnumnaka (Wat Naka)
Wat Thepchumnumnaka (Wat Naka) - 黑舌圣僧, famous LP Lingdam, but it is actually not by the route but if you wanna try no harm, you will see a lot of signboard label "Naka / Nami", if you can enter the Naka town, then this temple is just in the corner. Current abbot i head from local is some english speaking monk who used to study in Singapore, he didnt create any amulet not even spread holy water to devotees but he work hard to build up the education level for local siam people, big school building you can see in Wat Naka, people there very respect him. You can pay homage to LP Lingdam there too.

Wat Cindaram & Wat Lampan
These 2 temples are quite hard to guide the way, but we should reach Wat Lampan first then Wat Cindaram, i have some info on the other thread, you can read it here. Both are quite old temples already, especially Wat Cindaram has long history can track back to the time when Kedah still until Siam occupation. This 2 temples can rent amulets, but they are from other temples not the creation of its own.

Wat Lampan
Chief Abbot: Ven. Phrakhru Sophonkitchathorn (Just pass away 2 years ago)
Address: Kg. Lampam, Mk. Rambai, 06350, Kedah
Telephone: 04-7851804

Wat Cindaram
Address: Kg. Senara, Kubur Panjang, 06760, Kedah

Wat Phodhichetiyaram (Wat Kampong Cina)
On the way to Wat Phodhichetiyaram, you will notice another temple named Wat Nanai, very easy to locate this temple because when we drive along the way, both sides are broad paddy field, then you can easily spot out a small road on your right hand side that fix only 1 car to this temple. I went there few times when i pass through that place but cant locate any abbot there, the main hall always closed.

Just keep driving and enjoy the magnificent view of rural area, paddy fields, mountain, blue sky, no traffic and fresh air! Just further abit after Wat Nanai you will entering a small town called Kampung China, i dont know why the signboard write Kampong China instead of kampong Cina, lol, you can use the indicator along the way to guide you this place so that you know you are still in the right track. In Kampong Cina go to visit Wat Phodhichetiyaram (Wat Kampong Cina), i forgot the abbot name, my friends said inside can rent Archan Odd takrut, good for avoid police, the abbot got produce amulet but also got other temple's amulet, my friend is temple kaki he spot out and rent the Archan Odd takrut there at only RM50. The abbot also got produce amulet like JTK and the temple is currently building a small Ubosot, can go there to donate some money to gain some merits.

Wat Sungai Siput
Just go further ahead after Wat Phodhichetiyaram, you will head to "Sungai Tiang", just a short drive and you will see a tall yellow signboard on your left labeled "Wat Sungai Siput", turn left in to a narrow road and follow the way to cross the mountain, at the end of the mountain road you can see that huge and shining buddha status on the Ubosot, then you will know you are arriving at Wat Sungai Siput already, lolz. I think i dont need to intro what is the features of this temple anymore, if you still dont know, browse its blog.

Wat Kura
At the exit door of Wat Sungai Siput, turn right and after just 1 minute, you will reach at the T junction, turn right and keep going, head to Kampong Kura, after maybe 5 minutes you will see the temple gates of Wat Kura on your right hand side. Lot of info of this temple can be found here, LP Sut, one of my favor monk, excellent in fortune reading and he is very friendly, he also can communicate with spirit, if you got stuff like KMT you can ask him to communicate with it, lolz, but this is not his major, can try to ask but not guarantee he will do for you. He is also good at floral bath.

Wat Thamsiriwararam (Wat Kura)
Chief Abbot: Ven. Phrakhru Charukdhammaphorn
Address: Kg. Kura, Mk. Jeneri, 08320 Sik, Kedah
Telephone: 04-7520493 & 04-7520497    

Wat Thaicareon (Wat Begia)
Assuming that you start your first temple in Alor Setar early in the morning, now after when you are done with Wat Kura, should be around 3pm-4pm already, of course it will be lot of variable and unknown especially when you are first on this kind of temple hardcore tour, but best time to visit Wat Thaicareon (Wat Begia) is around 3pm-4pm, because LP Daeng usually take some nap after lunch. Here is the guideline on how to go there. After exit from Wat Kura, turn right and drive straight forward, use the signboard of "Gurun" as the indicator, after a while you will reach a special type of T junction, infront of the T juntion you can see some commercial shoplot, turn left and keep heading to Gurun. After that T junction left, drive straight and about 13KM you will reach the main road, this is actually the enter point as show in my blog's contact page to Wat Sungai Siput, if you look at no 2), it ask you to turn left in to Kg Gajah Putih / Lubuk Merbau. As per my guideline just now, we are retrieving to that point, no2). Those who came from Southern such as SP, Penang, Ipoh and etc will start their temple tour after Gurun highway exit, but those who came from Alor Setar actually travel from North to South, pass through the area of Pendang (or Pedang). Just to add something here, before you reach the main road, you will pass through Wat Klai in Kampong Klai, can visit this temple, former Chao Kun Bao, very famous, now abbot by some young monk, can still rent Chao Kun Bao amulet and some yant there.

When you reach the main road, turn left (turn right and after 15KM is the entrance of Gurun highway) and keep going, for the rest of the info on how to get to this temple, click here. They got invited monk from thailand from time to time, but currently the monk who working there is LP Deang from Pattani, i like his blessing ritual, paste gold foil and chanting for you, he use special oil very wangi, i met him and let him do me twice. He is always there, sometimes he sleep, speak only Thai. There is amulet counter there, amulet there was brought in from Thailand by LP Deang. One of the local monk told me that if you want something really special you can ask directly from LP Daeng, he got many cool amulets with him from other temples in Thailand, but he only speak in Thai.

Wat Thaicareon (Wat Begia)
Chief Abbot: Ven. Phra Sang Sirikcantho
Address: Kg. Begia, Jeniang, 08700 Gurun, Kedah
Telephone: 04-4647224

Wat Charok Padang (玻璃樽庙)
When you are done with Wat Begia you should back to main road and keep driving up, last temple to visit in that area is Wat Charok Padang (玻璃樽庙). Click on that link to view my thread on this temple. Abbot name Archan Nian, from Songkla Thailand but can speak hokkien, but according to his student, he is not always there. People here like his palm yant, good for business, can see his palm yant in handphone shoplot in shopping centre here. For more info of this temple can read from that thread.

Wat Charok Padang (玻璃樽庙)
Chief Abbot: Ven. Phra Acharn Neam Awutthammo
Address: Kg. Charok Padang, 08200 Sik, Kedah
Telephone: 04-4695616

If you follow my guideline above, you should have visited about 11 to 12 temples already, in a single day! And if you still have energy, i can show you how to take another drive scenic view. When you are done with Wat Charok Padang, back to the main road where you came from but dont drive back to Gurun area, drive up and keep going, you will pass through Pedu lake and water dam, oh damn so beautiful to look at those water on your both side. This is yet another scenic view of Kedah outskirt that you dont wanna miss. There is a temple in Pedu but i never went there before so cant provide more info. Keep driving up and you will eventually back to Kuala Nerang, somewhere very close to the temple of Archan Nong, Padang Sanai. I discover this route when i visit Wat Thai Pradit Tharam (Archan Nong) last time.

Here is how you end up your day 1 hardcore tour, you can start to head south using Gurun Highway to town like SP or Butterworth to checkin hotels, take a bath, enjoy your dinner and enjoy your sleep in the air-condition room after a day of rush, lolz. If you like seafood you can go check in hotels in Butterworth and drive to Tambung near Juru there to enjoy cheap and delicious seafood.

So those who are really super hardcore, 1 day might not be enough for you to discover temples in kedah, then you  back to Alor Setar, overnight there and next day you can re-entering Pendang.

To go Pendang from Alor Setar is quite easy because you can find lot of signboard here telling you which direction to Pendang, when you entered Pendang town and cross the bridge you are reaching at the edge of town, you will see a T junction infront with Pos Office, turn left and when you reach traffic light, turn left again, then its a long way just follow it you will find Wat Padang Pusing, just on road side, they are currently build a quite large Ubosot, current replacement abbot is from Thailand, the actual abbot of this temple now stay in Wat Siam Sungai Petani. Beside the Wat Padang Pusing is a small road head to the temple of Wat Thepbandit (Wat Maieson), temple of Chao Kun Nam, the Malaysia chief monk. It is advisable to reach there either before 11am or after 3pm, cause he is already 84 years old, need a lot of resting. People like his takrut and amulet, good price in amulet shop here. But you cant get his stuff with money, you must ask politely and nicely from him then only he will give you for free just base on donation. My old bird friend told me that if you want his stuff, invest in canned milk, milo, biscuit or rice, when you see him present those stuff to him and dont ask for amulet directly, chat with him first (provided he wants to chat with you), use malay or thai languages, after a while when he tired and wish to rest he will give you few amulets as the sign of asking you to leave i dont know if it works never tried before.

Wat Thepbandit
Chief Abbot: Ven. Phra Nikrothammathada (Than Nam)
Address: Kg. Paya Mak Inson, Mk. Air Putih, 06720 Pendang, Kedah
Telephone: 04-7595606

If you are fans of LP Thuad and wanna see the place where his body once laid, visit Wat Thepsuwannaram (Wat Padang Peliang), just back to main road after visiting Wat Thepbandit and go straight, not far from there you can see a road on your right pointing to "Sik", enter that road and then start to launch your GPS device find the nearest point of interest or key in "Buddhist Temple" it will show you the location of Wat Padang Peliang, for more info read from my thread here. The siam school is currently under construction in that temple.

Wat Thepsuwannaram
Chief Abbot: Ven. Phrakhru Dhammabal Phem Ariyawangso (Than Phem)
Address: Kg. Wat Padang Peliang, 06750 Pendang, Kedah

Last temple to recommend is Wat Titi Akar, abbot LP Choy, old, powerful and calm monk. This temple located in Titi Akar, just beside Lubok Merbau, so you are actually getting close to Wat Sungai Siput again, can find Archan Tia for second round if you wish, lolz.

Wat Visutthipradittharam
Chief Abbot: Ven. Phrakhru Visutprachanusat (Than Choi)
Address: Kg. Titi Akar, 06750 Pendang, Kedah
Telephone: 04-7541480

There are many temples in Kedah here if you check out this link,htm.htm, some of them i dont even know where they are, but 90% of the temples dont have any amulet of its own, some even no abbot, so visiting temples in kedah here is quite different than temple in Thailand where we get to meet the abbot of temple, let him do blessing on us and many of them specialized in something but most of the abbot in kedah here are quite "low profile", they just did what a monk should do and thats it, no more extra stuff, but you can think that its a unpolished gem, maybe you'll get some unexpected suprised if you try.

I hope you enjoy this info to guide you through browsing temples in Kedah here, again excuse my english and if the guideline are not clear, dont blame me because im just a new bird started to explore temples in kedah here. I can be your tour if you want to come here but in exchange i would like to tour around temples in Kelantan, if you are interest, let me know and if you are not, i do really hope you to enjoy the temples tour in kedah here, because i will happy too if you find your journey is joyful.

Important Note: All photos and content are copyrighted, do not copy or publish this page in any media without author's explicit consent.

Bangkok Trip Photo - 2009 (曼谷游随拍)

Note: Old forum thread from my forum at

 My bangkok trip year 2009 during Christmas, 4 days 3 nights, been to many place but lazy to take photo. Mostly hanging around bangkok. Going to bangkok again in few week, will try to get more photo if possible.


Bangkok is a big and modern city, but weather is very hot. I didnt have any plan during my last year's christmas trip, so just settle down in a hotel in bangkok area then explore the city by myself.

Beware of tuk-tuk driver, if they know you are tourist they will lure you and take you to holland, they'll said the government offer the free petrol to take tourist around the city for free but they are actually affiliate with merchants shop such as silk, jewels and souvenir shop to bring them customer and therefore share the profits from the customer purchasing, unless you really like to try tuk-tuk, which is kinda exciting to ride and see the city, take meter yellow cab is better.

When you reach place like the royal temple, people there will tell you cannot enter because you have short pant and slipper, or the monks are currently chanting and performing some ritual, you must come back later after 2 hours or so, they would suggest you to go visit other smaller temple and they are willing to take you there with just minor charge, well this is another trick to send you to holland, they will take you to merchants shop and you end up buying bunch of unnecessary souvenirs.

Wat rakang is the place to go for some cheap and genuine somdej, just go to the market place near the river, the temple is just on the opposite of river, pay like 10 bath to cross the river with boat.

Ya-Nak, the ghost wife, located around 1 hour journey from bangkok, the place named "OnNut" can be reached with LRT.

For foods, try the local hawkers stall on road side, go to the place where you find no westerner but lot of local people, then you can enjoy the most local tasty thai style foods, and its very cheap too.

4 face buddha or Phra Phom, is the reason why im going back to bangkok few weeks later to return wish. Many people there to pray and return wish everyday. Around the area you can also find many big shopping mall can reach with walk distance.

Wat Arun, the ancient temple, aka temple of dawn, worth visiting, breath taking architectural.

If you like exotic place go to watch the underground naked show, usually they will catch your interest with the so called "ping-pong show", well they dont actually perform with ping-pong but you'll get to see some pretty wild live show, lol. Or take the van or taxi to pattaya if you like to watch the shemale show.

There are many places to visit in bangkok, its cheaper to go with travel agency and but if you really like to explore things, be there by yourself, refer to tourist guide and spend few days there to explore and integrated yourself there.

Important Note: All photos and content are copyrighted, do not copy or publish this page in any media without author's explicit consent.

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